The factions are what make up the Kingdoms. Currently we have 3 factions in both Kingdoms and 1 Freeman faction.

Omni (Arachide)Edit

Fully self providing faction of warriors and builders. Rank up your stats with all of Omnis accessories such as the natural mob spawner and farms it has to offer. Fully protected with a wall around it for your safety and defense.

  • Owned by Dmack112
  • PVP

Cyphex (Sovereign)Edit

The city of the brave and the honorable. We've got great sugar cane farms for making some good money and we have a pretty big cow farm for the faction members to use. We have a wall and a trench running under cyphex to keep people out and keep our citizens safe. We strive to have a friendly community of people who like to pvp while not going off the deep end. They are the first people the King shall call upon to aide him if there is ever conflict within Sovereign affairs. All shall stick together in thick and thin. We love people who are builders and if you love pvp and to build Cyphex is for you.

  • Owned by Titoullman
  • PVP

Vigor (Arachide)Edit

Legacy (Sovereign)Edit

Salvador (Arachide)Edit

A great faction for the type of people that enjoy minecraft but don't necessarily like to have to worry about getting pvped in your faction although pvping can still be done outside of the no pvp zone. Salvador offers alot for its citizens such as farms, places where you can build and much much more. If you enjoy building and want to be part of a community that is very good at it this is the place for you.

  • Owned by SonOfMamba
  • Non-PVP

Skycrest (Sovereign)Edit

Marvel at the wonderful scenery, train in our dedicated stations, build to your hearts content! Skycrest is a faction that seeks to help and maintain peace.

  • Owned by giratina9998
  • Non-PVP

ReCharge (Freeman)Edit