The War is the main event of XOKingdoms. The 2 Kingdoms are pitched against each other for victory, glory, and fame.

War Structure (outdated)Edit

When a war is being planned, the portal titled “Battlefield” will be activated. During war off-season, the portal will not work. Each Kingdom is given 1 week to prepare their side of the battlefield, during which they may setup forts, traps, resources, etc. Anything that needs to be crafted on the field for the actual battle must be done within this time period. If something needs to be built or crafted in the midst of battle, it is to their disadvantage but it permitted.

Each Kingdom is assigned an infinite amount of land in one cardinal direction of the Spawn point (North, South, East, West) which will be determined prior to the 1-Week Prep Time. Kingdoms are NOT permitted to step foot on another Kingdom’s battleground until war is announced “engaged.” This includes setting homes, teleporting, affecting blocks or any items, pvp, using enderpearls, etc. If a Kingdom violates these rules, they forfeit the entire war and are still subject to penalties as if they lost the war. So the Lords must control and tame their Serfs to ensure they do not violate these rules at all times.

Each Kingdom is required to pay a war fee to create a winning jackpot prize for whichever Kingdom wins. The prize will be more than just money, because the most valuable thing in XO Kingdoms is land. So the winning Kingdom will receive an extension of land of 256×1024, which is the amountneeded to create a new town. Creating a new town opens up jobs, including a new Lord and all the Serfs he/she can possibly promote to further that new town as well as the Kingdom. Remember that for every 3 towns, a Kingdom is entitled to promoting a new Duke. Essentially, a Kingdom needs to win 3 wars to get a Lord promoted to a new Duke.

War RulesEdit

You are expected to know these rules upon participation in the wars.